I feel like I've been the graphics police over here 😂 

I'm not totally against graphics on social media — I enjoy a pretty quote graphic, but there’s a right way to use them.

Think about this: There’s a difference between an account dedicated to pretty social media graphics like the @prochurchmedia Instagram account or accounts dedicated to sharing scripture like the @trustgodbro Instagram account.

Graphics work super well on those accounts. Why? Because their accounts are FOCUSED ON ONE THING: quotes and graphics. 

People go to those accounts to see graphics and inspiring quotes. People don’t go to your church account to only see graphics, that is not the ONE main purpose of your account, which may explain why you have posted a lot of graphics in the past that didn’t perform well.

Which leads me to 5 simple tips to using social media graphics for churches:

✔️ The words on the graphic are more important than the design - what you say is what connects with people. Focus on the MESSAGE more than the DESIGN.

✔️Don't use stock graphics because it will feel inauthentic to your church (and boring) and most likely get less engagement.

✔️If you don't have a pro designer - stick to photos and video for the majority of your posts and then keep your designs super simple. I’m talking white background, black text. And focus on the message being communicated.

✔️Use graphics on social media for inspiration, not only for event announcements. Quotes and scriptures can be a great way to use graphics. Test different types of quotes and see what works and what doesn’t. Checkout @youversion for inspiration.

✔️Don't overdo the event announcement graphics, people will get numb to them. Your graphics should be primarily for inspiration, encouragement or education. You can post an announcement graphic here and there, but that should not be your primary use of graphics and know that you don’t need a graphic for every announcement.

Long story short: If your community is responding well to social media graphics, use them. If not, use sparingly and keep trying new things to see what resonates with your people!

And if you need a laugh, you know this is what is really like when discussing church graphics with your team:

PS: If you need CUSTOM graphics, design + video - I really like @churchmediasquad ✌🏼

Sep 8, 2022
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