I’ll never forget the time I was working with a Pastor and his team on their churches' social media and everyone was really frustrated and just plain tired on both ends.

I was managing a team of people creating the content and was in charge of making the plans and strategy for their social media.

They were a pretty large church and every day they had new changes to what they wanted, what needed to be posted, and different campaigns they were doing.

Staff members were throwing different instructions at their Comms director left and right, and she was trying to figure out posts day to day with a lot of pressure to make it happen.

Finally, we all had to have a talk to clear the air that everyone was burning out. The truth was that their systems behind social media were a mess and that is where we needed to start to dig ourselves out of this hole.

Even though they had multiple full time staff members who were hiring us (a company I worked for) to completely take care of their social media for them, there still wasn’t enough time!

If you think time is the issue, it always will be, no matter how many people you hire or even if you try to get someone else to do all your social media for you.

You will always be balancing other tasks and roles, that might even be more important than social media.

Here's the silver lining...

You CAN get more efficient at social media and it doesn’t have to take so much time and energy.

And that’s where I want to help so you can finally see an increase in engagement and ultimately local people planning a visit to your church, lives being changed for the better and the world actually being aware that your church even exists.

In the Churchfluence Membership, I’ve baked in the newest strategies straight into every post and give you a short and sweet explanation of WHY the post is “working now” so you don’t have to do all the research (and so you feel confident that each post is worthwhile).


Do you want to become a member but you aren’t in charge? Share this link with your Pastor or Comms Director today.

Oct 17, 2022

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