Day 1 - The Transition Reel

What To Do:
Step 1: Watch Reel to Copy
Step 2:
Save Audio 
Step 3:
Follow the instructions to film & edit
Step 4: Add hook to video and write caption


How To: 
Step 1: For the first clip hold your hand like a phone and push it towards the iPhone camera on beat and pull it back

Step 2: Crop the first clip while your hand is just starting to pull back. Make sure you can see your fingers (your hand is not totally covering the camera). 

Step 3: For the second clip use the ‚Äúalign‚ÄĚ tool to see where your hand was and line your body and hand up exactly (use the timer to give you some time to get into position) and pull your hand back and then put your arm down while shifting your body to one side of the frame¬†

Step 4: Adjust the clips until it looks smooth!

Hook Ideas: 
>> 10 Things God Wants to Say To You
>> Inviting someone to service (second clip transport to the front of your church or inside your service with a friend and look excited)
>> What to say when anxiety calls … 

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