Day 2 - The Photo/Video Recap Reel

I want you to show your followers & a person potentially checking out your church what it looks like on the inside at your church. This will help you build trust, familiarity and credibility.

Step 1: Watch Reel

Step 2: Save Audio
Step 3: Create Reel

>> Follow this tutorial to get your photos exactly on beat, you can also use video instead or a mix. One photo at 1 second and 10 photos at .5 seconds.
>> Add your photos and videos directly into Reels, no need for another app.
>> Tap the music button and slide to the correct part of the song.
>> Make sure your files aren’t too large. Save them for web or as your photographer for the correct size 1080x1920. If you took them on your phone they should already be a good size.

Step 4: Write Caption
Hook 1: Times like this
Hook 2: Weekend vibes 
Hook 3: Let’s get it started.

[Share the "why" behind a ministry or what you do at church.]

CTA 1: Visit my ___ highlight for more info.
CTA 2: Learn more about __ by visiting ___.


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