Day 3 - Motion Background Reel

Inspire your community with a quote or scripture to trending audio that gives them a deep thinking vibe. This type of text where there is no background and it is white is popular even though it is harder to read. People stay longer on your Reel because they have to take a close look to read it.

Step 1: Watch Reel

Step 2: Save Audio
Step 3: Create Reel
>> Take a video of scenery around where you live or download a clip online (Make it moody by doing it when the sun is rising or setting)
>> Add your audio
>> Add your text

Step 4: Add Quote
>> His grace is more powerful than our sins. Romans 6:14
>> In overwhelming anxiety, she found overwhelming grace
>> Your main scripture from your current message series
>> Proverbs 3:5-6
>> I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go. Genesis 28:15
Step 5: Write Caption
Do you believe this? 👏🏻
[Encourage your community using the quote or scripture and share what God wants to do in their lives.]
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