Day 4 - The Lip Sync Reel

Connect with your community’s frustrations. This Reel can be related to when you do the same thing over and over, or the same mistake or something that is frustrating to you.

Step 1: Watch Reel

Step 2: Save Audio

Step 3: Create Reel

>> Take a deep breath to match the breathing in the first part of the audio
>> Use a facial expression that matches the hook you choose. Be animated.
Step 4: Add Hook
>> When it’s time to ___  [do your devotional, forgive yourself]
>> When you forget to ____ [spend time with God, do your bible reading]
>> Me trying to ____ [make it on time to church, share my feelings at bible study]
>> Me trying not to ___ [cry at church during worship]
>> Realizing that even though I did __ [pray] last week, it needs to be done again
>> Me trying to talk myself out of ___ [binge watching youtube/tv] 
>> When you told yourself you would ___ [read your bible every day, be positive] but you are 3 days in and haven’t started.
>> Starting __ for the 3rd time because ____
Step 5: Write Caption

Hook: Use hook from Reel
[Give short tips on topic]
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