Day 5 - Inspirational Original Audio Reel

Share the gospel, expand on a scripture related to your current series or teach a leadership tip!

Step 1: Watch Reel

Step 2: Create Reel
>> Sit in a car or somewhere casual to film your Reel (You can ask a leader or a pastor to film themself. Don't "professionally film" the video, keep it unedited.)
Add a title to the top so it’s clear what your Reel is about at a glance
Add closed captions from the Reels editor

Step 3: Write Caption
>> Hook 1: STOP doing ___ if you want to ___.
>> Hook 2: ___ doesn't have to be a big deal.
>> Hook 3: How to deal with ____
>> Hook 4: I bet you didn't know about ___.
CTA 1: Share this with a friend who needs it.
CTA 2: DM us your questions about this!

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