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Level Up Your Church Social Media Game

Download one of my powerful cheat sheets to stop scrambling last minute and start saving time.

Church Social Media Calendar Template

A fully customizable tool to plan your posts, look at the big picture and collaborate with your team.


One Month of  Church Instagram Post Ideas

Imagine not scrambling at the last minute and having time to sign off on the weekends to enjoy being present. Dreamy, right?


13 Easy Ways to Boost Your Church's Instagram Engagement

Use these effective and unique tips to set your church on the right path.


You want to make the most of  your biggest free advertising tool for churches, Instagram.

But there's a problem...

You aren't sure if the time you put in is worth the results you are getting

You want to dedicate time to social media to make it what you want it to be but it's always on the back-burner and bottom of the to-do list. If you had the time and the team, you know you would kick some butt.

You are doubting if your social team has enough experience

You're not sure if your team really knows what will make an impact on social, if they are staying up with the trends, or if you even have the right tools to make cool, impactful posts that inspire engagement.

You're overloaded with information

You are tired of reading tons of blogs, watching youtube videos & listening to podcasts just to find yourself not implementing anything at all, again. Whoops.

You are tired of not having dedicated volunteers

You're feeling stuck because what you really need is to hire some kind of media expert at your church but you don't have the resources right now. You want to create a team that knows what's up.

You don't know what your church's goal should be with social

You aren't sure how to measure your results  to see if what you are doing is working or not. You are just posting out into space hoping to hit the imaginary target.

You don't know where to start

With all the new trends, and not many resources specific to churches, you don't know where to start or what's the most important. You're staring at the screen not knowing what to post or what to say.

We help you build a church Instagram team to be an influence online.


An action packed training library made with churches in mind.

Learn need-to-know tips, tricks & strategies specific to churches. It's time to start being confident that you are serving the world in every post you publish.

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