A Shift in Content Creation

In recent years, there's been a noticeable shift in how we create and consume content. Platforms like TikTok have popularized a trend towards purposefully unpolished videos.

This trend reveals a preference for authenticity over perfection, where advanced edits and effects take a backseat to genuine, relatable content.

People are increasingly drawn to real conversations and stories rather than heavily branded and overly scripted presentations.

While highly produced content used to make you "stand out" it now feels forced or overdone.

Authenticity Over Polish

The previous goal of standing out with high-production videos now often feels forced and distant.

This doesn't mean content should be of low quality; rather, it shouldn't be high production.

Your videos shouldn't be blurry, with subtitles in the wrong spot, or improper aspect ratios.

Using the platform correctly is essential, as it helps your posts reach a larger audience.

The Power of Simplicity

Social media expert Brock Johnson tested his posts and found that those with the highest production value were getting 80% fewer views, likes, and shares.

Similarly, a study by Neil Patel, which examined 3,000 business accounts on Instagram and TikTok, found that "low-fidelity" or "purposefully unpolished" content received 34.04% more likes and 18.52% more comments.

The best-performing content still had some editing, like changing clips every three seconds, but looked organic because it was shot with a phone.

Simple Viral Baptism Post Example

This news is so great for churches. The barrier to entry is lower than ever; you don't need fancy microphones, cameras, or lighting.

Anyone can learn to use their phone, making content creation easier and faster. Low-fidelity videos make your church more approachable and real.

For instance, my friend Zac at City Church California shared a story about a girl reading her testimony in a baptism tub.

The video, shot on an iPhone, was grainy due to low light but used Instagram subtitles and went viral, gaining 923,000 views and more than 6,000 followers from one post.

They've since posted more videos in the same format, with one recently reaching 1.7 million views.

Here's the post:

This success illustrates the power of story over production quality—your story breaks through the algorithm.

I would love to see more posts like this from churches on Instagram.

Real-World Impact

At my church, we posted a simple message: "Let your love for God change the world. Don’t let the world change your love for God." This video received 27.6k views and 1,871 likes.

By connecting with the heart, addressing needs, and tackling challenges, we can create content that changes lives.

We're called to preach the word of God, and this format allows us to do so quickly and effectively.

What This Means for Your Church

Focus more on what you post over how it looks.

You might feel pressured to look better than the church down the road. But I'm here to tell you high production doesn't equal high effectiveness.

Instead of striving for a large budget and all the gear, concentrate on what you're communicating.

How are you helping people? How are you encouraging and teaching them? What unique offering does your church have for the world?

Ask yourself, "Are people walking away with something worthwhile? How am I serving people?"

By prioritizing meaningful content over polished production, your church can reach and impact more lives.

Let's embrace the power of low-fidelity videos and create content that truly connects and transforms.

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Jun 7, 2024
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