We’re going to dive into the most important social media statistics as of April 2021, so you can be confident in your church social media marketing strategy. 

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  • Where people are spending the most time on social media as of 2021
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  • Why this matters for your church

How Much Should Your Church Focus on Social Media?

You have the opportunity to show up for 72% of people in America who are engaged in some type of social media, every day of the week. In 2005, this number was only 5%!

That means 7 in 10 American’s use social media to connect with each other, share information, entertain themselves or check on their favorite businesses. 

Many businesses use social media as their main tool for reaching out to new customers so we should take a hint as churches and put an emphasis on our social media marketing. 

I know people don’t come to Jesus through “marketing” and our goal as churches is not to look “cool” enough on social media for the next generation to want to come. 

Social media isn’t about looking cool or being an insta-famous church, though it may seem that way these days. 

Social media is about showing up to serve, utilizing the resources God has given us and making a huge impact online as the Church. 

So the question is, with the time that you have, should you put more focus on in person events, mailers and paper marketing, or online and social media marketing or one-on-one meetings and invites only? All of these ways to reach out have a place. Why not be great at them all? 

One thing we do know is that 72% of people are on social media, which means churches need to show up strong on social media because that is where the people are.

Although specific age groups are on different platforms, overall, social media usage in all age groups has increased from 2006 to 2021.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tiktok Usage by Age Group

Below you can see Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok usage by age group so you can determine where your focus should be. 

From these stats we can conclude a few important things for churches to consider.

Although TikTok has been hyped up and Twitter is still popular, it is the most important for all churches to invest in Instagram and Facebook. 

Depending on your capacity, it’s best to focus on Instagram and Facebook and to not worry about the rest. 

Another reason for this is that that majority of Instagram and Facebook users visit these platforms daily.

Which means, it’s a great opportunity for your church to capitalize on. 

4 Reasons to Improve Your Social Media Presence.

#1 People trust the opinion of those closest to them rather than a business 

According to Liz Dunn, founder and CEO of Talmage Advisors, “consumers trust the opinions of those in their social media group, including friends, bloggers and celebrities, more than messages they are getting directly from brands.”

People trust those in their social media group. People get ideas, recommendations of businesses, buy products based on the people they follow on social media. 

Social media has a huge influence on what people decide to purchase, services they decide to use, or places they decide to visit. 

And they trust people, not businesses. As churches, we are a business on social media, but the social proof of people’s friends liking and engaging with our business pages goes a long way.

People most commonly hear about and respond to Jesus through someone they know and trust and they trust churches recommended by their friends. 

So when your church members share about your church on social media, it carries a lot of weight with it and builds trust with others in your community. 

This is powerful when you tap into the power of social proof to further your mission.

#2 Social media is a handshake  

I want you to think of social media as the “handshake” with people who aren’t sure about Jesus or aren’t sure about church or “friends of friends” of your current community. 

It is the easiest way for people to check out your church before coming in person.

Social media is not where people fully commit to Jesus, grow in Christ and build actual life long relationships, but maybe they’ll stop by and say hello and that is one step closer to Jesus for them.

This is your opportunity to meet people in a new way that is more personal and effective than a mailer (although I like a good mailer). 

#3 Remove all barriers for people coming to church 

By investing in your social media you are removing a barrier for people to come to church. 

When you don’t have social media or a website that looks decent, or you aren’t posting regularly, you immediately lose credibility. Even though I know you are really credible, it is a perception we all have.

For example, when I look for a restaurant to try, I am definitely more inclined to try one that has a great website with lots of great photos on it. 

Unless I heard that it was really great from a friend, I probably won’t go try it if their social media and website isn’t appealing or nonexistent. 

That being said, let’s remove every barrier for someone to come to Jesus.

#4 Social Media is Free

Last but not least, social media is free to use. 

We have the biggest advertising tool right at our fingertips and we don’t have to pay for it. 

If we learn to use it right, invest some time into it (even with volunteers only) we can use it to organically expand our reach into our community and the world. 

Paid advertising is great too, but you can go a long way with organic reach if you use the platforms correctly and consistently. 

Paid Ads is not where you should start to grow and improve your church Instagram. Build your foundation first, then you can experiment with Ads after.

Plus, if your organic reach isn’t working, you don’t want to put money behind content and strategy that is not working. Then you will end up paying too much for engagement or conversions. We don’t want that. 

TLDR (too long didn’t read) 

If you skipped to the bottom. Here’s what you need to know.

2021 Social Media Statistics Every Church Needs to Know 

4 Reasons Why Churches Should Focus on their Social Media Presence 

#1 People trust the opinion of those closest to them rather than a business 

#2 Social media is a handshake  

#3 Social media can remove all barriers for people coming to church 

#4 Social Media is Free

May 3, 2021
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