What most church's don't realize about humor on social media is: humor makes your church more human.

You might be trying to "stay professional" by not adding in too much humor, entertainment, or anything too "out there".

You don't want to be unhelpful or do anything that doesn't glorify God, but skipping the fun altogether is hurting your reach on social media and causing lower engagement.

You can tactfully and wholesomely have fun on social media, and it will help you to create a bridge to reach more people.

Humor is a great strategy for youth ministry accounts, but don't be shy sprinkling in some humor on your main account either! Keep reading to learn why.

And you won't believe this: You can make a social media post in 5 minutes or less using this strategy I am about to teach you.

Read on to learn how.

Table of Contents

  1. Why Humor Works On Social Media for Churches
  2. How to Post a Church Meme in 5 Minutes or Less
  3. Christian Meme Examples and Accounts to Follow

Why Humor Works On Social Media for Churches

Humor makes your church more human.

Laughter eases tension and helps to form community. It brings people together and makes memories.

It helps you as an organization relate to people on their level and helps your followers to see your church is full of normal people.

It brings a level of relatability and personality to your account that you wouldn't have otherwise. Showing personality as a church is key to building trust with your online community.

Funny content spreads like wildfire.

There are studies that prove that funny content is a pre-requisite to content going viral.

Although your goal isn't to necessarily have a viral post, this shows that funny content is shared more often. Why? Humor triggers positive emotional and psychological responses.

People gravitate towards funny content because it puts them in a good mood.

So don't rule out humor on your social media! Allow your team to have fun with it.

Whether you run a youth ministry account or your main church account, I recommend sprinkling in some humor. You can do this through Meme's or funny Reels!

How to Repost a Church Meme in 5 Minutes or Less

I bet you didn't know that you can repost memes from some Christian meme accounts as long as you credit the creator. Did you?

I asked around to a few of the biggest Church Meme Accounts and they were cool with your church reposting their memes. Just make sure to tag them in the post and caption. If you want to be sure, I recommend direct messaging the creator and asking if you can repost.

Here's how to Repost on Instagram:

#1 Download a Repost App like one of these.

#2 Go to the post you want to repost and tap Share, then tap Copy Link.

#3 Open the Repost app and it will pull in the post

#4 Tap the post and follow the instructions to post from there

Make sure to credit the original creator in the caption and tag them in the post.

In the caption you can relate the Meme to something you have going on in your church or a current season you are in. That way your Meme isn't totally random. Connect it to who you are and what you do!

Christian Meme Examples and Accounts to Follow

Here's a few Meme accounts and a few examples that could be used on church accounts.


Next time you create your social media content calendar for your church, remember the strategy to sprinkle in some humor. Humor will help people to share your posts more often and in turn reach more people.

Here's what we covered in this post:

  1. Why Humor Works On Social Media for Churches
  2. How to Post a Church Meme in 5 Minutes or Less
  3. Christian Meme Examples and Accounts to Follow
Nov 15, 2022
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