April 19, 2022

7 Trending Instagram Reels Ideas for Easter 2022

7 Trending Instagram Reels Ideas for Easter 2022

Instead of posting the same ol’ Easter social media posts, use these trending Instagram Reels ideas below to keep it fresh. 

Reels are the number one way to reach NEW people on Instagram this Easter. 

I’ve outlined 7 Reels you can use and here is all you need to do:

  1. Save the audio 
  2. Recreate the Reel 
  3. Use the example captions to make them Easter themed 
  4. Expand upon the concept in the caption & tag on your Easter invite at the end 

Pro tip: Download the video before you post on Instagram (so it doesn’t have the watermark) and repost on TikTok! 

Easter Social Media Post Idea #1: Coffee Cup Secret Message Reel

How To: 

  • Get a clear cup of black coffee and write a message on it in black sharpie
  • Film yourself pouring cream into the coffee to reveal the secret message 

Reels Text: 

  • Ask a question and put the answer on the cup 
  • Invite to your Easter service 
  • Share someone special happening at your Easter service 

Caption Idea:

  • Share the reason why your church celebrates Easter and put the details at the end of the caption 

Easter Instagram Reels Idea #2: Fight the Good Fight 

Click here to watch the example!

How to:

  • Film yourself with your fists up turning one way
  • Use the “align” tool to match up where you left off in the turn and finish the turn in a new outfit facing the front again
  • Adjust the clips to make the transition smooth 

Reels Text: 

  • How to deal with the devil (CTA text: Tips in the caption)
  • How to stand in God’s victory (CTA text: Tips in the caption)

Caption Idea:

  • Share how to stand in the victory Jesus has won on the cross for us and how to overcome the devils lies (create a list of 3 tips!)
  • Share how Jesus died, was buried and rose again and won the ultimate battle! 

Easter Instagram Reels Idea #3: The “Yes” Reel

How To:

  • Write an intriguing question that people should say “yes” to! 

Reels Text: 

  • Is there going to be ___ at church Sunday? 
  • Do you really need more than 1 ___?
  • Needing help with___?
  • Do you want to learn how to ___? 
  • Do you want to get iced lattes and go to church this Sunday?

Caption Idea:

  • Give some education or encouragement in the caption!

Easter Instagram Reels Idea 4: Encouragement Reel 

Reels Text: 

  • 3 Truths You Need to Know Today
  • 3 Things to Remember if You Feel Discouraged 
  • 4 Reminders When You Are Worried 
  • Spending time with God will….

Or Use 3 Tips from your upcoming Easter message to get people excited to learn more 

Caption Idea:

  • Expand upon the scripture or points to encourage your followers and tag on your Easter invite at the end of the caption 

Easter Instagram Reels Idea #5: Sing With Me Reel 

How to:

  • Get someone at your church to sing along to a popular worship song 

Reels Text: 

  • Write “Sing with me” and add the song lyrics

Caption Idea:

  • Encourage your community with the lyrics 

Easter Instagram Reels Idea #6: Come Back to Life Reel 

How to: 

  • Film yourself in slow motion jumping backwards onto the couch 
  • Download the app “Inshot” and add your video then select the “reverse” button to reverse the video 

Reels Text: 

  • Jesus resurrecting my life 
  • Starting my new life with Jesus is like 
  • When your dead in your sins and then you meet Jesus 

Caption Idea:

  • Share a testimony of someone’s life being changed by Jesus

Easter Instagram Reels Idea #7: Someone Lied to You Reel 

Reels Text: 

  • When you think Easter is just about bunnies and colored eggs 
  • When you think church is just for “religious” people
  • When someone says ____ 
  • When the devil tells you ___ 

Caption Idea:

  • Share the truth in the caption


Give these 7 easy Instagram Reels ideas a try for Easter 2022! 

If you need more help coming up with post ideas follow me on Instagram @church.fluence or check out these posts: 

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