Need help finding Reels ideas for your upcoming Easter service?

And preferably Reels ideas that don’t involve...


…lip syncing

…memorizing a script 

…or any people?

But I’m guessing you want ideas that still boost your engagement and help your church reach more people on Instagram?

It’s a big ask, but I’ll take a stab at it.

Here’s what I’ve learned: it’s easier than ever before to make engaging Instagram Reels for your church. 

You don’t need fancy equipment, tons of time, a big budget or paid staff to use Instagram Reels to reach more people. 

All you need is a phone and the free Instagram app. 

If you want to maximize your reach on social media for your church’s Easter Service this year this post is for you.

In this post, I’ll give you 5 easy Instagram Reels ideas for your church to post for Easter that you can make in just 15 minutes each. 

Table Of Contents 

  1. Why Your Church Should Be Using Instagram Reels
  2. Easter Reel Idea 1: Motion Background With Long Message
  3. Easter Reel Idea 2: New Hope And Life Trending Audio
  4. Easter Reel Idea 3: Encouraging List 
  5. Easter Reel Idea 4: Jesus Is The Center Quote
  6. Easter Reel Idea 5: Sunday Video Trending Audio 

Why Your Church Should Be Using Instagram Reels

First, Reels get sent out to new people, not to only your current followers.

Did you know that in a study of 22 million Instagram posts, all accounts with varying amounts of followers (0k-250k+) see the highest average engagement rate and reach rate with Reels?

Reels are unique compared to other Instagram post types because the algorithms send them out to new people, versus only the people who follow you already.

Instagram Stories, Photos, Lives and Carousels (with the exception of some super sharable Carousels) often end up being shown to mostly (or only) your current followers.

These post types can be a great way to build community, trust and connection with current followers, but if you want to reach new people on Instagram, your church must start experimenting with Reels.

Second, Reels repurpose really well. 

You are able to re-post your exact same Reel to TikTok and Facebook. 

You can save your Reel before you post it right on Instagram so that you don’t have a watermark on your video and post it on TikTok in the exact same vertical video format.

On Facebook, you’re able to automatically post your Reel. Even easier!

Third, Reels have a longer shelf-life.

You may think it takes more time to make a Reel. 

It might take more time when you are just starting out, but once you get the hang of it, it can be very quick compared to graphics or Carousels.

But here’s the good news, your Reel is going to continue to be shown to people for potentially 2-3 weeks or even longer. 

Sometimes, your Reel will start to take off weeks after it was posted because of the way the Reels Algorithm works. When people enjoy your Reel, it will continue to be shown in the Explore Feed and Reels Feed. 

Comparatively, you may post a photo, but by the next day it’s buried for good.

So if you want to get the most out of your church’s social media efforts, post Reels. You’ll save time, get better results and have content that easily can be re-posted to other platforms in a few clicks.

Easter Reel Idea 1: Motion Background With Long Message

Motion background video Reels for churches are easy to make and effective. 

There are a few different strategies you can use when you make these types of Reels on Instagram.

In the example below, you’ll see a long encouraging message that takes you longer to read than the length of the Reel.

In order to read all of the text, someone will need to stay on the Reel long enough for it to loop a 1 or 2 times. 

This will help the Instagram algorithms see that people are watching your Reel all the way to the end, watching it multiple times and spending more time on it. 

When the algorithms see that, it can help push your Reel out for more people to see.

Take this trending audio, add your own encouraging message related to Easter and throw in some scenery of your town to make it more personalized and you’re done!

Easter Reel Idea 2: New Hope and Life  

All you need for this Reel is 2 short video clips. 

In the Reels example below, you can see how the change in the audio tempo and sound emphasized the second clip.

Watch below.

To create this Reel, set the timing of your second clip to something you want to emphasize the third time you hear “Lord, I just want to trust you with all of my heart.”

Here’s some ideas for Easter: You can use a clip of it raining or dark right before the sunrise, and then a sunrise. Or try a clip of you walking up to church with it empty and then a clip of worship. 

Add your own encouraging message to encourage people who may be coming to your Easter service and want to come back to God this year.

Easter Reel Idea 3: Encouraging List 

Lists are a great way to educate your followers about a topic and create a post that people want to save and share.

In the post below, is a trending audio for you to save that is perfect for Easter. Check out this example:

Think about what kind of list you could make that is related to Easter or your upcoming message series. 

Here’s some ideas and prompts you could make List Reels out of for your church for Easter: Jesus’ Love: Heals, Restores, Forgives etc.,Things Jesus Never Said, or When Life Feels Out Of Control.

Easter Reel Idea 4: Jesus Is the Center

People love Reels with a short punchy quote that inspires them and maybe even gives them a little nudge to catch them by surprise. 

The example below works well because the Reel is short and the quote is simple and clear.

Grab a short clip of someone at your church looking off into the distance. This is a very easy video to create. 

Pick a short quote related to Jesus being the center of it all. I love this quote because it goes so well with the heart of Easter and tells you a problem that is controversial to grab attention.

Easter Reel Idea 5: Sunday Video Montage 

Sunday photo and video montages are a great way to use the video clips and photos you probably already have stored away on your phone. 

Put that b-roll and extra clips to use with this Easter Reel idea.

Check out this Reel:

Make sure to save this upbeat, Christian, trending audio that will work great for Easter. 

If you were unsure what to do with Reels because you thought most “trending audio” is not Christian or inappropriate, there are many popular Christian songs that are “trending” as well.

Conclusion - Best Easter Reels Ideas For Your Church

Use these 5 Instagram Reels Ideas to boost your church’s engagement and reach more people than ever before this Easter.

  1. Easter Reel Idea 1: Motion Background With Long Message
  2. Easter Reel Idea 2: New Hope And Life Trending Audio
  3. Easter Reel Idea 3: Encouraging List 
  4. Easter Reel Idea 4: Jesus Is The Center Quote
  5. Easter Reel Idea 5: Sunday Video Trending Audio 

I want you to remember this: Reels are the only post type that specifically get sent out to new people by the algorithms, they can easily be repurposed on other platforms (like Facebook and TikTok) and have a longer shelf life than other post types.

Don’t wait to try Reels even if you feel like you are bad at it or don’t have people with experience to help. You don’t need fancy equipment, experience or hours of time to get started.

If you start taking action, you will get better.

If your Reel is “good enough”, then post it, and you’ll get better by taking action versus waiting to get things “perfect”.

It’s better to try, than to not, and then wish you did years later. 

Try these 5 Reels leading up to your church’s Easter Service and watch your reach and engagement skyrocket.

If you are looking for an easy opportunity to grow your church’s reach, without spending any money on Ads, Reels is going to be your new best friend. 

Apr 3, 2023
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