o you ever feel like your church's Instagram doesn't accurately represent who you are? 

So frustrating! Especially when Instagram can often be people's first impression of your church.

But it happens to the best of us with all the other stuff on our plates.

Here's the deal - it's time to stop making our church's Instagram all about us, ditch the "look how amazing we are" vibe, and forget about trying to be the trendiest kid on the block.

It's not serving you, or your people.

Here's the truth: showing up to serve others, not just ourselves, is the magic formula.

And I'm going to show you how to do just that :)

So, with that in mind, I've got 6 killer ways to use Instagram to create a fantastic first impression.

Let's dive in!


1. Use Your Church Instagram To Make A Fantastic First Impression

2. Use Your Church Instagram To Reinforce Your Church Culture 

3. Use Your Church Instagram To Get New Visitors

4. Use Your Church Instagram To Educate 

5. Use Your Church Instagram To Inspire

6. Use Your Church Instagram To Tell Transformational Stories

1. Use Your Church Instagram To Make A Fantastic First Impression

Imagine your Instagram posts as a warm handshake with someone new or an old friend you haven't met in a while.

Instagram serves as the front door to your church, not just for locals but for anyone seeking a spiritual home.

When individuals are on the hunt for a church, they typically turn to Google and social media to get a feel for what's out there.

Your Instagram page is often their first glimpse into your church, a crucial factor in their decision to visit or not.

So, here's the question: What kind of impression are you making with your most recent posts? Take a moment to reflect:

  1. Are you conveying a sense of anticipation for newcomers?
  2. Do you avoid using jargon or "insider" language that might confuse newcomers?
  3. Can newcomers easily identify the ministries and groups they can join?
  4. Does your Instagram page reflect an active and welcoming church community?
  5. Does your church's personality shine through?
  6. Is your profile complete and guiding people on the next steps?

You see, Instagram has the power to create a fantastic first impression (or a not-so-great one) without you even realizing it! It's your digital welcome mat, and it's essential to make it inviting and informative.

2. Use Your Church Instagram To Reinforce Your Church Culture 

During the week, Instagram is where people spend a significant chunk of their time.

It's a real hub of activity, with 40% of social media users being active on Instagram. What's interesting is the diversity of age groups represented here – 71% fall in the 18-29 bracket, 48% are aged 30-49, 29% are between 50-64, and even 13% are 65 or older.

Instagram's reach is nothing short of impressive.

Just take a moment to consider your own screen time – the average person now dedicates a whopping 2 hours and 25 minutes every day to social media.

That's an extra hour compared to 2012! Remember when we used to read books?

Here's the kicker: on average, people spend about 29 minutes daily on Instagram.

If you're thinking that 16-24 year-olds are the main culprits for these stats, you're right – they clock in at around 3 hours a day on Instagram. Yikes!

But let's not dive too deep into the social media rabbit hole; the aim isn't to exacerbate anyone's digital addiction.

Instead, as churches, we have the opportunity to turn the tide by offering quality, valuable, and life-changing content.

Instagram is where your community checks in frequently.

It's the ideal platform to infuse your church's unique personality, core values, and mission into people's lives throughout the week.

How can you make the most of this opportunity?

Start by reinforcing your community's core values and principles, posting sermon clips, and offering glimpses behind the scenes to help people connect with your staff, volunteers, and leaders on a more personal level.

#3 Use Your Church Instagram To Get New Visitors

Instagram serves as a powerful tool for welcoming fresh faces into your church community, and there are several avenues through which this can happen.

Firstly, think of it as a ripple effect: when the friends of your existing followers stumble upon your church's Instagram account, gain interest, prompting them to hit the "Follow" button.

As they engage with your consistent and inspirational content over time, they might just find themselves drawn closer to Christ and intrigued about the possibility of visiting your church in person.

Now, let's consider the current landscape – with many individuals opting for online church experiences, they likely don't truly feel part of a church community.

That's where your engaging Instagram presence can bridge the gap and offer them a sense of belonging and connection, offering your church a dynamic platform to reach a wider audience and extend your welcoming arms even further.

#4 Use Your Church Instagram To Educate 

Educational content reigns supreme on Instagram, where users seek not only to connect with friends but also to acquire valuable knowledge that they can save for future reference.

It's a platform where individuals dive in to learn new skills, discover exciting recipes, and gain expertise in areas that pique their interest.

As a church, you possess a treasure trove of educational content that can benefit your community for a lifetime (aka the bible!).

Here are some compelling ideas to educate and meet your community's needs:

  1. Offer a series of quick tips that guide your community towards personal growth. For instance, share "3 Tips to Conquer Fear" to empower your followers.
  2. Create succinct and memorable carousel post recaps of your series content, ensuring that key takeaways are easy to digest and retain.
  3. Craft message recap videos that capture the essence of your teachings, making it convenient for your audience to revisit and reflect on the wisdom you've shared.
  4. Address frequently asked questions about God, faith, or church life, providing clear and insightful answers that can enlighten and engage your community.

#5 Use Your Church Instagram To Inspire

The words you choose for your Instagram captions, stories, quotes, and carousel posts wield far more influence than you might realize.

Much like we meticulously prepare Sunday teachings to inspire, educate, and make a profound impact, the words you share on Instagram have the potential to do the same.

Harness the power of your words to inspire and uplift your community, as well as those who might join your community in the future, towards a meaningful purpose.

When crafting your captions, envision one person in your mind and consider what they need most.

How can your words meet that need, offer guidance, or provide a source of motivation?

By personalizing your message in this way, you can make a profound difference in someone's day and, ultimately, their journey of faith.

#6 Use Your Church Instagram To Tell Transformational Stories  

We need to tell more stories. 

I noticed a lot of church Instagrams are full of announcements instead of full of transformational stories. 

In our marketing, we need to tell a stories about people's transformation and invite people into a story with Jesus, instead of only making announcements.

A great way to always stay focused on stories is for every event you want to “announce” to instead tell a story of someone who has already been to that event or tell a story of someone’s life that was changed by Jesus at that event. 

Whatever you are doing, whether it’s groups, services, ministries, community service, or a conference, tell a story.

The most powerful social proof is a testimony of someone impacted by Jesus.

You can never have enough.

It's time to shift our focus towards storytelling.

It's evident that many church Instagram accounts are inundated with announcements, often overshadowing the potential for transformational narratives.

In our marketing efforts, we must shift our narrative, weaving stories of personal transformation that invite individuals into a deeper connection with Jesus, rather than merely broadcasting announcements.

A powerful approach to maintaining a storytelling mindset is to reframe our event promotions.

Instead of straightforward announcements, consider sharing the inspiring journey of someone who has experienced profound change through the event or highlighting the transformative impact of an individual's encounter with Jesus during that occasion.

Whether it's related to groups, services, ministries, community service initiatives, or conferences, let storytelling be the guiding principle.

The most compelling form of social proof comes from the testimonies of those whose lives have been touched by Jesus.

There's no such thing as having too many of these transformational narratives.

They serve as a powerful testament to the impact of faith and community, inspiring and connecting individuals on a profound level.


Instagram is more than just looking hip, gathering followers, or keeping folks updated on what's happening at your church.

It's a platform where you can genuinely serve your community and use your voice to make a real impact.

Think about it – every time you post, you have the chance to help someone, share some truth, or touch a life.

Now, I get it, your Instagram game might not be hitting it off with your community right now.

But don't let that discourage you because the potential is still there, waiting to be tapped into.

When you're writing your posts, imagine you're talking to that one person whose life you could change with your message, instead of trying to impress the masses.

Always keep in mind the main question: "Why are we even posting on Instagram?"

Get your team together, figure that out, and let it be your North Star when you're creating content.

And before you hit that 'post' button, just pause and ask yourself, "Is this helping others, or is it all about me?" That simple question will keep you on track to make a real impact.

Sep 10, 2023
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