Looking for effective ways to promote your church's Easter service on social media?

Social media is a powerful tool to connect with your community and reach a wider audience. 

However, with so much content out there, it can be challenging to stand out and get your message heard.

That's why we've put together a list of 5 must-use social media posts to promote your church's Easter service.

These posts are designed to capture your audience's attention, generate interest in your Easter service, and encourage them to attend.

Here’s the secret: the best promotional posts aren’t only for promotion. 

They have another element that adds value to the person who sees it so that they benefit from the post, even if they weren’t specifically looking for information about your Easter service.

The posts outlined below will help you create a buzz and drive attendance to your Easter service, while spreading the Gospel like wildfire. That is a win-win to me!

Start planning your social media strategy today and use these 5 social media posts to get your message heard and reach more people this easter.

Table of Contents

  1. The Teaser Post
  2. The Testimony Post
  3. The Family Fun Post
  4. The Biblical Truth Post
  5. The Prayer Post

The Teaser Post

Get people excited about Easter by posting a few teaser posts in the weeks prior to Easter. 

The “coming soon” strategy in marketing is great for anything you are promoting from the release of a product, to selling a house or sharing about an event. 

When you start talking about something before it happens, you have the opportunity to create anticipation and excitement around what you are offering in advance. 

This way when the time comes for the event or whatever it is that you are promoting people have been ready for it for days, weeks or even months! 

Post a few teaser posts for your Easter service where you talk about the activities, message or reason for celebrating.

Don’t post the same post or your Easter graphic over and over. Your teaser posts should each be different and add value to your followers in some way. 

You could share a series of testimonies leading up to Easter or a series of prayers you are praying for people.

When it comes to marketing for churches, remember Easter is a time to celebrate so posts can be done in a fun way. 

Don’t be afraid to branch out and post a light-hearted Instagram Reel or Meme, use upbeat audio or show your community having fun setting up for Easter together.

The Testimony Post

The testimony post isn’t used enough! 

Don’t underestimate the power of sharing testimonies of Jesus changing people's lives on your social media accounts.

Testimonies are kind of like a version of “testimonials”. 

It is “social proof” of what God is doing through your church. 

When people see other people’s lives being changed who they relate to, they will be more likely to check out your Easter service.

The reason the testimony video is not used enough is because you think you need to have a professional videographer to video your testimonies.

You don’t need that. 

Use your phone and ask someone a series of questions to help them share their story. Then, link the clips together and edit out any blank spaces or mistakes.

It’s that easy. 

Or it make it even easier, copy the style in the post above by Jenessa Wait using text to share the testimony and film the person nodding to a song.

I want to see you post more testimonies! 

Pro Tip: Make sure you have multiple “success stories”. What I mean is: find a variety of types of people of all ages and backgrounds.

That way more people can relate and connect with you.

By using a ton of testimonial videos you are keeping your message central to Easter.

The Family Post

Easter is a huge opportunity to reach new families who are looking to introduce their children to church, biblical values and Jesus.

Highlight your children's activities and what you offer for families to take care of them. 

It may seem trivial to have or promote Easter festivities. While you don't need a life size Easter Bunny, it is good to have something fun for families and kids who aren’t used to going to church to help them feel welcome and comfortable.

Just getting to church with all the kids in one piece is a win, especially if you aren't a regular church attender.

Taking care of people's kids and teaching them about Jesus is the best way to serve them well and a huge blessing to your community.

The Biblical Truth Post

A lot of people don’t actually know what Easter is about. 

They think it’s about bunnies and finding Easter eggs.

When I became a Christian when I was 18, I learned for the first time that Easter was celebrating Jesus rising from the grave, even though I had celebrated Easter all my life. 

Talk about what Easter is, talk about Jesus rising from the grave, His resurrection and what that means for our lives today.

Share scripture, do a mini teaching through a carousel post or a short video. 

Help people capture the heart and purpose of Easter because that is what will change their life. 

Don’t just post an invite to your Easter Service, but share the reason why you are even having the Easter service in the first place.

The Prayer Post

You may have tried to offer people prayer in a post and no one has responded. 

Why not? Because most people won’t want to share personal information over social media, especially in a comment. 

If you offer prayer, but don’t specifically say to DM (direct message) you their prayer request, people won’t do it.

So make sure if you offer to prayer or ask for prayer request say in the caption “DM us what you need prayer for!”

Another option is to post a Reel with a static image that has a prayer written out on it, and do a voiceover reading the prayer. This is super easy and a unique way to pray for people.

As prayer is the best strategy for reaching people, make sure to include prayer posts in leading up to your Easter Service.


Don’t post your Easter graphic 10x, it’s not going to help more people come to your Easter Service. 

Instead, make these 5 posts your foundational posts leading up to Easter to make sure to get your message heard in a creative way. 

Here’s the posts we covered:

  1. The Teaser Post
  2. The Testimony Post
  3. The Family Post
  4. The Biblical Truth Post
  5. The Prayer Post

Mar 13, 2023
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