Have you heard that users are preferring Original Audio Reels versus copying Trending Audio Reels and that Instagram is favoring Original Audio?

Just when you started to get the trends down 🤦🏻‍♀️

Original Audio means using your own audio whether that is your voice, a voiceover, a clip of audio from your Sunday message or music you’ve uploaded versus using an audio that someone else uploaded. 

Don't worry!! Here's what you need to do:

1️. Add in original audio EDUCATIONAL OR INSPIRATIONAL Reels like this one to your content calendar (try posting 70% original, 30% trends to start!)

2. Don't give up on trends, they can still be REALLY helpful to bring a new level of connection, understanding and relatability to your church Instagram (& TikTok) accounts

3️. Use the tips in this video to make your Original Audio Reels engaging — you'll get it in no time!

Here’s those tips:

  1. Use a clear hook so people know what you are going to talk about on the first clip
  2. Use 1 clip every 2-3 seconds or per sentence, phrase or point so people stay focused
  3. Talk fast or people will disengage
  4. Zoom in to make a point
  5. Turn your head to whisper to tell a secret or side note
  6. Always use the caption sticker for closed captions because most people are in a place where they can't turn on their audio (like work or a coffee shop)
  7. Use transitions between points & change your outfit to make it more eye catching
  8. Use diff backgrounds for each point, just a simple change of scenery per clip goes a long way
  9. Try walking or spinning for a moving background
  10. Don't forget a clear CTA at the end to like, save, share or comment
  11. Create a looping reel like the example above so people are encouraged to watch multiple times
Aug 22, 2022
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