April 26, 2022

12 Church Instagram Reels Ideas to Try Today

12 Church Instagram Reels Ideas to Try Today

Want to hop on the Instagram Reel’s trend but need some ideas to get started at your church? 

Brainstorming original reel ideas for your church can be tough. 

“Reels-block” is real. 

But not anymore. 

I want you to try these 12 Reel ideas on your church social media in the next 12 weeks.

Take these ideas and make them your own!

Table of Contents:

1. Reel versus Reel-ality  

2. Hop on a Current Trend

3. How-To Video

4. Service Highlight in 30 seconds

5. Funny Volunteer Team Highlight 

6. Go Behind the Scenes

7. Pastor’s Day In The Life

8. Make a List 

9. Convicting Quote

10. Lip Sync to a Worship Song 

11. Sunday Message Recap 

12. Church Preferences 

Why Churches Should Post to Instagram Reels a Minimum of Once per Week

By minimum I mean, minimum! Instagram recommends accounts post 4-7 Reels a week! Not only are reels a real growth hack right now, short form video is what churches need to get good at next in the social media, online marketing world. 

As a church, I know you aren’t worried about simply growing your following. You want to make a difference, move your mission forward, and present your church well on social media to bring glory to God. 

If you learn to use Reels, which most churches don’t yet, you will be able to communicate your message more effectively to the next generation.

Instagram Reels are still in the “new feature” stage, so you are not too late to hop on the bandwagon. You can start today.

The Instagram algorithm favors users who use Instagram’s new features and by showing them to a wider audience. Churches haven’t adopted Reels to their full capacity yet. So reels need to be your focus right now. 

As the creation of Reels is Instagram’s comeback to Tiktok, they are really pushing it to work well. 

Plus, there’s a new Reels tab that shows suggested content which will help people find your  church organically. Reels are going to have a way greater reach to new audiences than when you post on IGTV, your stories or your feed posts. So to reach new people, this is the way to go.

Pro tip: do not have a TikTok watermark on your Reel video or a blurry video, because Instagram will actually make it less discoverable. Makes sense, considering they don’t want to be promoting Tiktok. 

Here’s the post straight from Instagram @creators explaining how to get discovered in the Reels tab.

Ask yourself before you post a reel:

  • Is it entertaining, fun, educational or interesting? 
  • Does this apply to just our church or can it apply to a wider audience (hint: you want the content to apply to a wider audience.)
  • Is it blurry or a horizontal video? 

Now, for the 12 Reel ideas to help you get started and to accelerate your church's Reel’s experience.

Instagram Reels Idea #1: Reel versus Reel-ality

It’s so important to be authentic on social media. Especially on church social media. As much as we don’t want it to be, the stereotype of church is that the leaders have it all together and that everyone you see on Instagram or on stage is perfect and has no issues whatsoever. Which we know, is totally not true. 

This is your chance to be real on your Reels! How can you repurpose this example to make it church themed? 

Church Ideas for Reels versus Reel-ality:

  • Bloopers from filming the online service 
  • What worship practice is reel-lly like 
  • Showing clips of a leader looking professional (like preaching, leading, talking to people) and then clips of them doing funny things in real life (like burning their food, laying around in their pajamas, tripping on the curb, their kids climbing all over them). 

Hashtag #churchfluence so I can re-share your Reel on my Instagram! I would love to see a church version of this one. 

Instagram Reels Idea #2: Hop on a Current Trend

There are so many great Reels trends that you could translate for the church world. Here’s one I did where you are going throughout your day cringing at something you did previously. 

Ideas for this trend for churches:

  • When you forgot the worship lyrics on Sunday
  • When you didn’t go out to lunch after church 
  • When you slept through church 

I suggest setting 10 minutes to watch some Reels and then hit the save button on the ones you’d like to remake. You can also hit the music at the bottom of the Reel and save the music for later. 

This way when you sit down to create your Reel you’ve got your music ready and some examples to follow.

Try to not save only church Reels, but save non church ideas and work on translating them to the church world.

One more trend, can someone do this and say “After I spend time with God in the morning… "

Instagram Reels Idea #3: How-to Video 

Reels do really well when they are educational because people want to share them with their friends. What could you teach your church right now how to do?

Ideas for How-To Videos for churches:

  • How to spend time with God
  • How to pray
  • How to overcome fear 
  • Tips for leading your bible study 

Instagram Reels Idea #4: Service Highlight in 30 Seconds

Take people through the different teams and ministries at your church on Sunday! Make sure to add text over each clip so people know what they are looking at and put some fun music.

What to highlight:

  • Kids 
  • Worship
  • Welcome
  • Parking
  • Classes 
  • Message 
  • People connecting 

Instagram Reels Idea #5: Funny Volunteer Team Highlight

Use your reels to make funny videos that also promote your volunteer teams. Make sure you think about if this would also be good for any person watching, even if they aren’t a member of your church.

For the call to action tell people to DM you if they are interested and keep that part in the caption so that the Reel is still applicable for anyone watching.

And if you didn’t know, when people DM you that counts as engagement to the Instagram Algorithm meaning DMs help your account reach more people and show up more frequently to the people who DM you as well.

This example could turn into a great volunteer team highlight. Take different shots of your production team doing funny things with the caption in the beginning “When service starts on time…” or "What the production team is really like..."

Instagram Reels Idea #6: Go behind the scenes

Back to being authentic. Take a tour behind the scenes of preparing for services, setting things up, cleaning, doing the unglamorous stuff people don’t normally see. Show that the people who volunteer and the people who are on stage are human.

Take people through your offices, team meetings, share about what you are discussing and deciding on, share what is coming up in the future and what you are currently working on.

Instagram Reels Idea #7: Pastor’s Day In The Life

Follow your Pastor(s) for a day and use the timer sticker. I bet your congregation is so curious about the normal things your Pastor does throughout the day. This will also really help your community connect with your Pastor(s) more!

Day In the Life Suggestions:

  • Getting coffee
  • Morning Routine 
  • Lunch plans 
  • Current work projects
  • Family time 
  • Evening routines

Instagram Reels Idea #8: Make A List

Lists are a great way to educate your audience about something. These two examples are great, feel free to take the prompts they used and make it your own or try one of the prompts below.

  • Things to remember when you are anxious 
  • 5 things to give up 
  • What I am thankful for 
  • 5 things to tell yourself today

Instagram Reels Idea #9: Convicting Quote 

This simple quote reel with music is encouraging and worth saving! The most important part about making one like is the quote you pick. The quotes I’ve seen resonate with people most are quotes that are short and punchy, and where you feel some conviction with it, in a good way.

Instagram Reels Idea #10: Lip sync to a worship song 

I think we all want to see you lip sync to one of your favorite worship songs. Enough said.

You have to tag me for this one on my Instagram @church.fluence so I can watch!

Instagram Reels Idea #11: Sunday Message Recap Quote

This is the Reel that most churches are going for right now because it’s easy to grab a quote from the Sunday message video and throw it up there. Unfortunately, the videos are mostly horizontal because it's a shot from the Sunday message.

It can get overused very fast and works better for very large churches where the Pastor’s is somewhat famous. 

The key here is to choose a quote that is unusual, where the first line would catch people off guard. Make sure you’ve got subtitles because most people will be scrolling through without sound and the subtitles will intrigue people to keep watching.

This Reel by @thehousefw got a lot more view compared to their other ones because of the intriguing content.

Instagram Reels Idea #12: Church preferences 

Lastly, preferences is a great trend to try. You can put different church preferences on each side and have people step to each side to show what they prefer. 

This is a great one to normalize funny preferences people have with churches. 

Take Action

Now that you’re inspired by these ideas and hopefully LOLed at some of them, I challenge you to make one Reel per week for the next 12 weeks. 

Grab a couple volunteers and give them the challenge. I believe in you! 

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