You want to know the secret to get more followers on your church's Instagram? 

Post more Reels.

Here's why: Reels are more likely to be sent out to new people versus your current followers.

If more new people get a chance to see your post, it's more like you will get more followers from your posts.

Really popular carousels or photo posts can be shown to new people too.

But hands down, Reels have a better chance to be shown to more new people.

It doesn't have to be so hard to time-consuming to make Reels and anyone can do it, even if you have zero experience.

I've put together a list of 12 Reels ideas for your church to try that are simple to create.

There's an example to go along with each one so you can get some inspiration to create your own version.

Bookmark this post and create all 12 Reels!

Table of Contents:

  1. Motion Background Quote Reel
  2. Hop on a Current Trend
  3. Educational Reel
  4. Video/Photo Service Highlight Reel
  5. Team Highlight Reel
  6. The Original Audio Reel
  7. Pastor’s Day In The Life Reel
  8. Educational List 
  9. Short Quote Reel
  10. Sing With Me to a Worship Song 
  11. Sunday Message Recap 
  12. Time Lapse Reel

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Why Churches Should Post to Instagram Reels a Minimum of Once Per Week

Instagram recommends accounts post 4-7 Reels a week.

As a church, I know you aren’t worried about simply growing your following.

You want to actually make a difference in people's lives.

If you learn to use Reels, which most churches don’t yet, you will be able to communicate your message more effectively.

According to Instagram, Reels are the best way to reach NEW people.

Keep this in mind when you create your Reels and create most of them for the new person you want to meet!

Here’s the post straight from Instagram @creators explaining how to get discovered in the Reels tab.

Ask yourself before you post a reel:

  • Is it entertaining, fun, educational or interesting? 
  • Does this apply to just our church or can it apply to a wider audience (hint: you want the content to apply to a wider audience.)
  • Is it blurry or a horizontal video?

You are not too late to hop on the bandwagon.

The best time to start is today.

Use the 12 Instagram Reels ideas below to start posting purposeful and meaningful Reels that will serve people and help your church make a greater impact.

Instagram Reels Idea #1: Motion Background Quote Reel 

The Motion Background Quote Reel doesn’t require any people to be in it and is very popular. Sound’s easy right?

The reason why this type of Reel works so well is because it appeals to people’s needs and emotions. It inspires, teaches and reminds us of the truth. People love to share them and save them for later as a reminder.

The truth is, most Reels do well because of the MESSAGE they communicate more than the quality of the video as shown by the example! That might be a relief to some of you...

Tips for this type of Reel:

  • Choose footage of scenery
  • Think more about the message you want to convey through the quote than what it looks like
  • Choose a short punchy quote

Instagram Reels Idea #2: Hop on a Current Trend

Trends are a Reel that people use the same audio and put their own spin on it. A lot of trends come from TikTok first and then people bring them over to Reels.

If you want to see trends early, try finding them on TikTok.

When an audio is "trending" there is a diagonal arrow next to the audio and you can see how many people have used that audio for a Reel. A common strategy is to see which audio has only a few hundred or thousand Reels and has the "trending" arrow.

The earlier you hop on the trend, the greater chance that your Reel will "go viral" or be distributed out to more people.

While this is a great strategy to reach more people, posting Reels that aren't "trending" anymore is totally ok too. 

You have options. You can only do original audio Reels or educational Reels, or you can dance in every Reel, the choice is yours. What matters is that your Reels are valuable to the people you serve and you like making them!

Below is an example from @txcelebration (one of my favorite church Instagram accounts to follow!). They do a good job sprinkling in some trending audio.

Instagram Reels Idea #3: Educational Reel

Reels do really well when they are educational because people want to learn, grow and make themselves better. What could you teach your church right now how to do?

Ideas for Teaching Reels for churches:

  • How to spend time with God
  • How to pray
  • How to overcome fear 
  • Tips for leading your bible study 
  • Recap of your Sunday message

Instagram Reels Idea #4: Video/Photo Service Highlight Reel

Take people through the different teams and ministries at your church on Sunday through a string of photo and videos to music. There used to be more time consuming to create, but not anymore due to Instagram Reels Templates.

If the Reel was created directly in Instagram there will be a "use template" icon right above the creators Instagram handle. You can tap that button, and the timestamps will auto-generate for you so you can quickly create your own version of the Reel.

Check out this example. Open it up in your Instagram App and tap "use template" to make it your own in seconds.

Instagram Reels Idea #5: Team Highlight Reel

Highlight your volunteers by going around and spontaneously asking people how they are serving. Showing a lot of recognizable faces serving will inspire others to serve too! String the videos together in Reels and that's it, you're done. No need for fancy editing or professional video.

Make sure to add a Call to Action at the end telling people where they can join the team too.

Instagram Reels Idea #6: The Original Audio Reel

Surveys are showing that people are preferring Reels with original audio.

What does this mean? People love content that is unique to YOU and your church. People love to listen to others be real, authentic and share something of value.

For this Reel, you or something from your church will be sharing for 30-90 seconds about a topic you choose. You don't need to edit it, we want this to be the raw, unfiltered vibe.

Make sure to always add closed captions (you can do this directly in Reels).

Instagram Reels Idea #7: Pastor’s Day In The Life

Follow your Pastor(s) for a day and take short clips. I bet your community is so curious about the normal things your Pastor does throughout the day. This will also really help your community connect with your Pastor(s) more and build the like, know and trust factor.

Day In the Life Suggestions:

  • Getting coffee
  • Morning Routine
  • Lunch plans 
  • Current church projects
  • Family time 
  • Evening routines

Instagram Reels Idea #8: Educational List

Lists are a great way to educate your audience about something. Try one of these prompts or make up your own related to your current message series.

  • Things to remember when you are anxious 
  • 5 things to give up 
  • What I am thankful for 
  • 5 things to tell yourself today

Instagram Reels Idea #9: Short Quote 

This simple quote reel with music is encouraging and worth saving. The most important part is that the quote you pick resonates with your community.

The quotes I’ve seen resonate with people most are quotes that are short and punchy, and where you feel some conviction with it, in a good way.

Instagram Reels Idea #10: Sing With Me to a Worship Song 

I think we all want to see you or your team members lip sync to one of your favorite worship songs. Enough said. These "Sing With Me" Reels are so fun. Pick your favorite songs and expand on the lyrics in the caption to encourage your community.

Instagram Reels Idea #11: Sunday Message Recap Quote

This is a great Reel to add to your arsenal if you already film your Sunday message!

A few keys to this type of Reel: 

  • Always used closed captions because most people will be scrolling through without sound
  • Do not use any backgrounds or post a horizontal video. Your video will need to be good enough quality to grab a vertical version. Instagram also has said that videos with backgrounds or that aren't full frame will not get distributed as much.
  • Use a quote that is intriguing for someone to keep listening to
  • Put a title at the beginning so people know what the quote video is about

This Reel by @thehousefw is a great example.

Instagram Reels Idea #12: Time Lapse Reel

Use this Reel to build anticipation for an announcement coming up or place a quote image on it like the example.

Choose some "trending" audio to go with it or your favorite worship song.

Some ideas of what to take your time lapse of:

  • teams setting up for service
  • a ministry in your church
  • your Pastor preaching
  • small groups
  • worship at service


There you have it, 12 Reels ideas to try today! Here's the Reels we went over if you skipped to the bottom.

  1. Motion Background Quote Reel
  2. Hop on a Current Trend
  3. Educational Reel
  4. Video/Photo Service Highlight Reel
  5. Team Highlight Reel
  6. The Original Audio Reel
  7. Pastor’s Day In The Life Reel
  8. Educational List 
  9. Short Quote Reel
  10. Sing With Me to a Worship Song 
  11. Sunday Message Recap 
  12. Time Lapse Reel

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Jul 3, 2020
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