Do you want to learn how to make a photo/video Reel for your church in less than 5 minutes?

Here's how: use the Instagram Reels Template feature!

It's a game changer. 👏🏻

How to Use Instagram Reels Templates

  1. Tap "Use Template" above the Instagram handle
  2. Add your own clips to the timestamps auto generated for you
  3. Post your new Reel

All you need to do is replace the clips with your own!

You'll have your own video/photo Reel done, in seconds.

Only Reels created within the Instagram app will have the Reels Template option.

How to find Reels with Templates to Use

  • When you see a Reel you like, tap the audio and scroll through the Reels see if anyone has already made a tutorial for that audio with the timestamps.
  • Get the app Videoleap by Lightricks. Users can upload their templates with trending audio for others to use from TikTok/Reels.

Now you can make cool video/photo recap without spending tons of time on it 😎

Copy These Two Reels Templates 

To get you started quickly check out two of my photo/video Reels below I made just for churches. You can easily make these today.

Now you can make cool video/photo recaps without spending tons of time on them.

Aug 23, 2022
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