Have you ever sat down to come up with your social media posts for your church and then before you know it an hour flies by, and you still haven’t created anything. 

You feel overwhelmed and it took a lot of your energy - and you still haven’t made much of a dent in what you need to get done.

How can you come up with what to post, week after week, while keeping it fresh and taking less time to come up with creative ideas? 

It’s the magic question. The answer is … get efficient. Learn to do what is effective, while working less.  

If you have a small team or you are just one person, it can be a lot to: brainstorm, plan, produce, write captions, add hashtags, and post! 

Do you relate? 

The goal of this post is to save you time because one of the biggest time wasters is coming up with creative ideas for your church social media. 

Get out a piece of paper, or a google doc, and get ready to come up with a ton of post ideas! You can use these 3 ways to come up with post ideas for your church Instagram over and over again, so you can plan valuable content in less time. 

Table of Contents

  1. Questions to Spark Creative Post Ideas
  2. Let Your Community Do the Talking
  3. Look Back at Your Most Popular Content 

Post Idea Strategy #1: Questions to Spark Creative Post Ideas 

Answer the following questions to nail some creative ways to serve your community. 

What are some ways you can educate your community and begin to solve pain points or improve their lives? 

Think about what pain points people have in their lives that they need help with or what topics people would benefit from learning. Maybe it’s relationships, work struggles, depression, or loneliness. Address people’s needs and how Jesus can meet them. 

What are some of the biggest objections people have for coming to church? How can you resolve and educate around those objections in your posts? 

This question is great to come up with content for people who may not want to come to church for various reasons or aren’t consistent with church. It would be pretty bold to address some of these reasons, but remember bold content gets noticed. 

What questions do people ask about all the time that you could share about or teach?

Ask the small group leaders what questions people ask them about God or about your church and answer those questions in your posts.

How can you let your followers behind the scenes so they can imagine more than just what your church is like up on the stage? Can you share a story or a moment with them?

This is key to making a real connection. The more you can post raw videos of your Pastors, leaders or other members talking on stories or video, the BETTER!

Show people what your teams do day to day, what is really looks like behind the scenes, fun stories and memories to help people make a connection with your church. Show them that you are real people, not just people behind a pulpit. 

What do people not know about your church that you want them to know?

Think about someone new to church, what do you want them to know about your church? And think about characteristics of your church, not just information. 

How can you include your social media community in what your church has coming up and take them on a journey with your church?

When it comes to announcing events, take people on a journey. Don’t just announce the events in one post and give the details. Think about what types of posts and stories you can tell to take people on the journey of where your church is headed next and what you want to see in people’s lives. 

Post Idea Strategy #2: Let Your Community Do the Talking

Also known as crowdsourcing. Ask a group of people intentional questions and save their responses for the future. 

Using your community's language in your posts will help more people to connect with your church and give you ideas of what people care about. 

You can send out a survey via email, ask people you know through text, or post a survey through your Instagram Stories using the question sticker or polls. 

Ask them questions like: 

  • What in life are you most passionate about?
  • What made you come to our church and stick around?
  • What fears did you have when coming to church and how did you overcome them?
  • What is your story of coming to know Jesus?
  • Ask for testimonies for specific classes or ministries and collect them in writing to use in captions or as quotes.

Post Idea Strategy #3: Look Back at Your Most Popular Content

A great way to get more ideas for church social media content is to look back at your most popular content and either revamp an old post that did really well or post similar content to what has done well in the past. 

Yes, you can repost old posts that did well! Make sure to change it up a bit and don’t post it too close to when it was originally posted. 

Here’s what to do. Set a timer for 15 minutes and look back at what you’ve created in the past that resonated with your audience. Look at the comments and answer these questions. 

  • What did people resonate with? 
  • What was liked or shared the most? 
  • Did any post type outperform others?

Use this information to inform you on what to post more of and what to post less of.


There you have it, if you don’t have time to come up with creative ideas for church social media content, use these 3 strategies to come up with more post ideas for your church Instagram, in less time! 

Here’s those ideas again: 

  1. Questions to Spark Creative Post Ideas
  2. Let Your Community Do the Talking
  3. Look Back at Your Most Popular Content 

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Mar 18, 2022
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